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We Kare for you

Our team of expert Wellness Coaches, Ayurveda Doctors and Yoga professionals are here to care for you and assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda Family Doctor

Your personal Ayurveda Doctor who focuses on holistic wellness & preventive care with emphasis on improving the overall quality of life.

Personal Wellness Partner

Your personal wellness partner to help you address everyday tasks related to improving wellness with regular and periodic monitoring, discussions and counseling to bring about lifestyle changes.

Personal Health Records

An integrated personal health information repository to manage and analyze all your past and current health information.

Health through Ayurveda and lifestyle management

Almost all healthcare solutions, for the elderly, today focus on acute and emergency care and there is a lacuna with regard to accessible primary care for the elderly. The incidence of acute and chronic morbidity increases with advancing years and the cost of the health care after 60 is very high resulting in increased out of pocket expenditure. Effective everyday care with a focus on diet, lifestyle and holistic wellness has the potential to preempt or slow onset of many commonly occurring chronic ailments among the elderly. A holistic healthcare approach with suitable lifestyle adaptations and sustained management of ongoing complaints has a beneficial effect on overall health and leads to a sustained quality of life.

Healthekare is your partner in health and our Wellness programs focus on your health bringing you convenient access to Ayurveda practitioners, personalized wellness coaches and a modern digital platform for convenient access to your records.

About Us

The HealtheKare team is a combination of Ayurveda and Technology experts with substantial experience in both clinical information management and Ayurveda geriatric care. Our personal experiences with the healthcare challenges faced as people age have informed the design of our programs. HealtheKare was formed to provide older adults with holistic healthcare options with the goal of sustaining and improving quality of life and keeping people as active and productive for as long as possible.


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Healthekare selected at Ayurstart 2018

In order to promote and expand the 2,500 crore Kerala ayurveda medicinal and therapeutic industry, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) organized Ayurstart 2018, a first-of-its-kind contest for start-ups working in Ayurveda and allied sectors. Read more…