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Ageing like wine is how we would all like to move forward; however, reality is often far from this ideal. The body is bound to have issues as it ages. Decades of neglect and the hangover of a hectic life with little or no time to care for self usually compound the problem. Many a time we realize our follies too late and the only thing left to do by then is to run from hospital to hospital, spending an exorbitant amount of money and suffering an incessant amount of pain to just keep going. We have all heard ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so why can’t we adopt the same approach during our wise, old years? Simple everyday lifestyle interventions have the power to get us back on track and take control of our health and lives.

At HealtheKare, we focus on combining our technological know-how with Ayurveda expertise in the field of geriatric care to provide preventive health care and elevate the quality of life for the elderly. The percentage of the population over sixty is increasing rapidly in our country and this comes with its own set of challenges. When we introspect more closely, we know those who are growing old are the ones who made us who we are today and watching them suffer can be nerve-wracking. By ensuring they adopt a sustainable lifestyle that will help them evade acute and chronic ailments, we can put our minds to rest. We have a set of trained professionals and experts who enable a lifestyle that offers holistic wellbeing. Unlike the consultation during sickness practice, Healthekare follows a more regular, hands-on approach. We will be in touch on a regular basis, even daily where necessary, to advise and motivate healthy practices and to ensure medical intervention when required.

The Ayurveda doctors working with us have significant experience and expertise in geriatric care. Our technology partner HealtheLife brings a valuable asset with a cloud-based Electronic Health Record platform, which is already in commercial use with Ayurveda resorts and Ayurveda care delivery application. With it’s holistic wellness based approach, Healthekare provides a unique offering that stands apart from other elderly care services on offer today. Beyond this, we are in the process of forging meaningful partnerships with Clinical experts and reputed Ayurveda institutions and NGOs working with the elderly to maximize the impact on our community.

Standardised geriatric care protocols, extremely well-trained doctors and geriatric care specialists, regular monitoring by a core team, health information stored in the cloud for easy access are all perks that go a long way to put your mind at ease and your health in the fore. However what truly sets us apart is our focus on holistic wellness, which is preventive in nature and focuses on improving the quality of life, and convenient hyperlocal access. We deliver care in your comfort zone, by probing and catering to the everyday health-related issues that may trouble the elderly. Traditional Ayurveda is put to extremely good use in the care of elderly. Our tailor-made counselling, monitoring and discussions result in lifestyle changes, as the elderly are cared for in every way possible!

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