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On Nov 1, Karnataka Rajyothsava Day, Healthekare conducted a free Ayurveda screening camp for Seniors at Pranavam clinic at Indiranagar. The camp was inaugurated with lighting of a lamp and a simple prayer. Those attending the camp underwent a health screening by a senior Ayurveda doctor. Further each attendee was given a brief introduction to Ayurveda and the Healthekare program for Senior wellness,

Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional systems of medicine that has survived and continues to be practiced widely. It utilizes centuries old knowledge of nature based medicines and the relationship between the human body and nature.

Ayurveda has many treatment strategies for promoting well-being, which consider an individual’s body constitution, pathological history, dosha characteristics, lifestyle and daily environment.

In Ayurveda, doctors rely on a holistic examination of the individual to determine their prakriti and appropriate diet, lifestyle, therapy or medication. At the camp, each attendee received diet and lifestyle recommendations from the doctor based on the screening, history and current complaints. Attendees left with a copy of their screening report and recommendations.

Healthekare is committed to increasing awareness on healthy lifestyles and providing holistic health and wellness options for older adults.


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